Why Choose Kikka Sushi?

Since 1986, Kikka Chefs have perfected the art of sushi making. The quality of Kikka sushi begins with the delicate taste of sushi rice - not too tart or too sweet, but just the perfect blend of sugar, salt and rice vinegar. Top that off with our uncompromising belief that Kikka sushi should contain the highest attainable quality of fish, and you have a time-honored recipe for success.

Grade-A tuna is hand-selected everyday by our highly trained expert chefs. In addition, unlike any other sushi company in the United States, Kikka uses next-day shipping directly to our markets across the country in order to maintain the highest quality control standards for each of our valued locations.

Environmentally Friendly

From our business cards to the trays we package our products in, Kikka is very eco-conscious. This philosophy extends not only to our food, but to all of our resources. We use only the best, all-natural seafood from companies that emphasize sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship. Our all-natural chicken is from local cage-free farms that use no antibiotics or growth hormones. Our grain-fed beef is sourced from the most humane, hormone-free local farms. We pride ourselves on providing delicious products while maintaining a superior environmental track record - minimizing waste, maximizing sustainability and keeping our environmental impact very low.

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