Our Mission

Our mission is to provide delicious, fresh, and wholesome Asian food to satisfy every palate, while also delivering excellence in customer service. Kikka Sushi sets the bar high with an incredible variety of Asian-inspired cuisine, the freshest ingredients and highly-trained chefs that are constantly improving and expanding our products and services.

Our History

Kikka was founded in 1986 by Tonny Soesanto, first as a restaurateur, then as a sushi supplier for markets in the greater Los Angeles Area. Since then, Kikka has grown rapidly throughout the nation to more than twenty states, with diverse clientele ranging from supermarkets, businesses and restaurants to universities and hospitals. Originally specializing only in sushi, Kikka has since expanded its menu to include a number of other delicious and popular Asian dishes such as Japanese tempura and Chinese noodle bowls, Korean staples like bibimbap, and even Indonesian and Vietnamese dishes.

As CEO, Tonny Soesanto is very hands-on, participating in the evaluation, expansion, planning, and day-to-day operations of Kikka. From the day he founded Kikka until the present, he insists on the very best of everything for Kikka customers, from the quality of the product to the services they receive. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to the satisfaction of Kikka customers.

Tonny received a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering at UC Berkeley, where he published a paper on fructose, sucrose, and glucose, and perfected his "bear instincts" - catching, cooking and eating fish. He then earned his Masters in Chemical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology.

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